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Initial communication with clients to custom makeup brushes and wholesalers.

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During initial communication with customers, we should clearly understand customer requirements and ensure that customers have totally understood us too.
Generally, in makeup brush business, there are two kinds of customers: who want to custom makeup brushes and who prefer wholesale makeup brushes of existing types. We should communicate with them in different ways.

For the customers to custom makeup brushes, makeup brush manufacturers should get enough information on customer requirements as detailed as we can, we should at least know the following information:

1. The exact bristle, ferrule and handle material.
2. The color of bristle, ferrule and handle. Although color usually does not affect the makeup brush price, color confirmation is the most difficult during initial communication, as even if with the same description like deep red, it has different level for deep red. It will be best if customers can send a brush sample with such color to the makeup brush manufacturer, if not, pantone code is the most common way to confirm colors.
3. The ferrule diameter: it includes the two parts diameters, the diameter of the part that connected to the bristle which decides the bristles dosage, and the end connected to the handle which decides the handle size; this will greatly affect the whole makeup brush price.
4. The length of each part, the reason is the same as item 3, size decides the material dosage. It will be the best if customers can provide 3D drawings or physical samples of the brushes.
5.  If any certification is required. Usually, makeup brush suppliers will not include the test fee in the quotation, if customers need any certification, they should pay the extra fee according to different tests.
6. If customers have any detailed requirements or any target price. What you pay, what you get, the factory or manufacturer can suggest proper material and size according to the target price.

For customers who want to wholesale existing makeup brushes, we should let customers know detailed information of our existing brushes, for example the brush material and size of each part, the color of each part, the package details, the unit price and lead time for different quantity, and certifications status etc.

In a word, no matter custom makeup brushes or wholesale makeup brushes, both customers and makeup brush suppliers should clearly express themselves and get essential information from the other side.