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Why makeup brush manufacturers offer OEM service?

Published Time:Monday on Sep 27 2021 09:24:13 Source:未知 Read:

Each factory has its own products, if its own products have enough popularity and influence, they will not need to offer custom or OEM service, for example those famous brands like Microsoft. They just produce their own normal and standard products, and all other related supplying in the industry have to follow their standards and rules to produce matched parts and systems.

However, in makeup brush industry, no makeup brush manufacturer can be as famous as Microsoft. Most makeup brush factories scale is not big enough to have such influence. They may have own hot sale makeup brushes; however, these makeup brushes cannot meet all different requirements over the world due to the specificality of makeup brushes: manual production, and frequent design update.

Thus, most makeup brush manufacturers offer custom makeup brush service, so that they can win more potential orders from all over the world. Although the cost and timespan to OEM makeup brushes will be much higher than existing makeup brushes; also, too more attention to be paid on other things instead of the order itself: contact and discuss with the molding factory on handle design; check with ferrule and hair suppliers on the colors, process, dimension etc; negotiate with packaging suppliers on required packing size, process and decoration etc…

Then, Should a makeup brush factory offer custom service?The answer is Yes. To win worldwide orders and to expand business, most Chinese makeup brush factories mainly offer OEM service to custom makeup brushes for worldwide customers and brands. Even if for the manufacturers who specialize in selling existing makeup brushes on Amazon and eBay etc, they also offer OEM service to custom makeup brushes. We know there must be more risks, but we are all ready for the challenge, we believe by offering custom makeup brushes OEM service, the Chinese makeup brushes will more and more popular.