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Time to place makeup brush orders for Christmas season

Published Time:Sunday on Sep 26 2021 09:35:17 Source:未知 Read:

It has almost been October, all Chinese makeup brush manufacturers will have national holiday from Oct 1st-7th, and the government curb on powder use/electricity also causes all delays on brush production. So, the lead time of makeup brush order will be about 45 to 60 days. Besides, the Serious delay on shipping containers causes much longer shipping period. Therefore, it is really the time to prepare makeup brush orders for Christmas season.

Especially for the orders to custom makeup brushes OEM, many details need to be negotiated and confirmed. If customers require samples first, it will need 10-15 extra days including the sample shipping period. If it is ship by sea, the time will be very limited, as normal ocean shipping period is about 30 days, if any delay on booking containers, the shipping period will be unpredictable, customers may not be able to receive makeup brushes before Christmas holiday.

If customers have finalized everything with the makeup brush factory, just not release orders. It  is the  to place orders, three months are just ok for brush manufacturing ,ocean shipping and marketing prepare.

If the order quantity is not too large, and customers prefer air or express shipping, that will be ok, as the shipping period will be only 7-10 days, customers can have enough time to prepare the marketing and promotion for Christmas season.

Therefore, if you have any plan to order makeup brushes for Christmas season, please immediately contact us to check the lead time, as a professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturer, we will try best to meet the required lead time, but cannot promise since time is really limited.