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Power use curb delays makeup brush delivery

Published Time:Saturday on Sep 25 2021 09:20:07 Source:未知 Read:

To comply with government latest regulations to cut emissions, top China manufacturing hubs are curbing electricity supplies to industry to reduce energy usage. The curbs, which are on an unprecedented scale, started in the second week of September and will last at least through the end of the month. Some of the producers expect the curbs on electricity use could continue through October or even November.

Many factories in the key manufacturing hubs such as Guangdong and Jiangsu have cut or even halted their operations. Most mills have also been ordered to cut output. Some smaller businesses in Guangdong and Jiangsu, including home-appliance makers and apparel companies, have also been forced to close. Streetlights and neon lights in some cities have been turned off at night to save electricity. Large supermarkets and shopping malls have also been ordered to reduce business hours and minimize the use of the air conditioners and elevators.

In makeup brush industry, since makeup brush production is manual and the electricity usage is very small, the makeup brush manufacturers can work as normal, but the ferrule factories which have high energy usage, can only work 2 days within 7 days, which delays to whole brush lead time a lot.

Therefore, for latest makeup brush orders, we cannot ensure the normal 35-40 days delivery period. If any delay, we will keep our customers updated and thanks for your always support.