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Large makeup brushes VS mini makeup brushes

Published Time:Thursday on Sep 23 2021 10:36:21 Source:未知 Read:

In makeup brush market, there are mainly two categories: large makeup brushes, and mini brushes. Customers may wonder which one is better for custom makeup brushes? What is the difference between them? etc.

The obvious difference is the size: large brushes are big while mini brushes are much smaller. The size decides their applications: large makeup brushes are better and more professional for daily makeup due to their full coverage and delicate design for different applications. Some large brushes may be put together and become a makeup brush set which is usually equipped with a makeup brush roll; while mini makeup brushes are usually put into cosmetics boxes and free for customers. The mini brushes usually just include sponge applicators, lip brushes and blush brushes. Also, to be included in the cosmetics boxes or containers, mini brushes have strict control on sizes. While large brushes have not so strict size requirements.

Second difference is price: large brushes are usually made of high-grade material, so the price is rather high; while mini makeup brushes, usually made of sponge or normal nylon hair, which are relatively cheaper than large brushes.

Also, their profits are also different, large brushes have more margins than small brushes in unit price, but the order quantity will be smaller than small brushes. The mini brushes order quantity usually can reach 500Kpcs.

When custom makeup brushes from makeup brush manufacturers, customers can choose according to different target. If you are cosmetics manufacturers or wholesalers whose target customers are cosmetics factory, mini makeup brushes will be a good choice to promote your brands with lower cost; if your target customers are individual users, large makeup brushes will be better to develop your target market.

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