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Remove glue mark from makeup brushes

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It is known that makeup brush is a manual work, there are many uncontrollable problems during production, which may cause quality problem or unclean appearance.
To connect ferrules and handles, makeup brush manufacturers will use AB glue or hot melt glue during the gluing process. Please check here to see detailed differences between them. Although AB glue requires much longer drying period, it is stronger than hot melt glue, so many customers insist on AB glue for their makeup brushes.

But since AB glue is liquid, it is hard to control the dosage. If the glue is not enough, the connection will not be strong; but if too much glue, it will overflow during handle assembly. If the liquid AB glue overflowed from the makeup brush ferrule, it will cover on the ferrule and handle or leave some glue mark, then how to handle this? Scrap or repair them?

No matter large or small makeup brushes, high-grade or low-grade makeup brushes, gluing is an essential step, if scrap the whole makeup brush just because of the glue mark, it is too ridiculous and no makeup brush factory can afford this unnecessary waste. So, the only solution is to repair them, to remove the liquid glue or mark from the makeup brush.

Here is the question: how to remove? By water or oil or anything else? You may consider dipping the brush into hot water to remove the liquid glue, but you will only find that you damage the brushes but the glue is still there. In the makeup brush factory; the workers usually use a kind of solution called n-heptane to remove the glue mark, just dip such solution onto the gloves and then wipe the ferrule and handle. As such solution is somewhat harmful to human skin, so gloves are a must during process.

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