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Material difference between high-grade and low-grade makeup brushes

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Many customers want to know more information between high-grade and low-grade makeup brushes, the following is for your reference:

Bristle quality is the most important factor to judge makeup brush grade. Low grade bristle material like cheap goat hair, normal nylon etc., high grade bristle material like good animal hair and improved synthetic hair. Bristle material is also the key factor of the makeup brush price. Many professional makeup artists will tell you again and again that bristle material is the most important when buying makeup brushes. It is true that bristle material is the most important, as it is the part that directly touch our skin. But it is not the only case to decide the makeup brush grade and price.

The most two common ferrule material is aluminum and copper, some may use stainless steel, but it is very rare. If no special processing or requirements, copper ferrule is much expensive than aluminum, thus the makeup brushes with copper ferrules are in the higher grade than aluminum ferrule.

The handle material can also decide the brush grade. Think about that, a makeup brush with sable hair and copper ferrule, but with normal plastic handle! It will not be classified into the high-grade makeup brushes. Once a USA customer wanted to custom makeup brushes with top grade but plastic handles from a Chinese makeup brush factory, the salesman in the makeup brush factory told him: usually, no top-grade makeup brushes use plastic handle. You may ask: then what kind of handle is better for high/top grade makeup brushes? The most common is wooden, anyway, different wooden handles also have big difference on price and texture. For example, redwood and ebony handles are extremely expensive.

Of course, we cannot say copper ferrule is surely higher-grade than aluminum ferrule, or wooden handle is absolute more expensive than plastic handle, it depends on the detailed customer requirements, some may need to have special processing, or the different requirement on the brightness or colors etc. Therefore, it also depends. The above is just a general reference and information.

No matter customers want high grade or relatively low-grade makeup brushes, please just contact us to describe your detailed requirements. We are professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturer with more than 15 years’ experience in makeup brush production, and will offer high quality makeup brushes, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.