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How to wholesale makeup brush

Published Time:Tuesday on Feb 16 2021 10:32:45 Source:未知 Read:

Makeup brush wholesalers means the distributors that sells makeup brushes to retailers instead of end consumers . The wholesaler will sell makeup brushes in bulk quantities to retailers, allowing the retailer to take advantage of a lower price than if he were to buy single brushes. To gets big discounts for buying large quantities of makeup brushes , most wholesaler will order directly from the makeup brush manufacturer.
Our production capacity is over 3 million pieces per month, which can support various demand requirements from big wholesalers and personal wholesalers.
For big wholesalers who have had certain brand influence on the beauty market, they usually prefer private labels on the makeup brushes, and then sell to worldwide retailers and agents. Due to large quantity of retailers and market, the sales volume will be big, return orders will be placed quickly and frequently. Therefore, besides quality control, big wholesalers will pay more attention on price which can further expand their market and brands.
For personal wholesalers who just start the business, and have not so many retailers, they also prefer direct order from the makeup brush factory, but as their order quantity is not so big as the big wholesalers, it is hard to get the same brush price on makeup brushes . However, for personal wholesalers, explore market is more important than price/profit. Some personal wholesalers may choose the existing hot makeup brushes on the market which can have lower MOQ, so no need to invest much money to start the business.
As a professional and reliable makeup brush factory, we always offer best competitive price and great quality, to support not only big wholesalers to expand market,  but also personal wholesalers to start their business.
Welcome worldwide customers to wholesale makeup brushes from us.