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What are the most popular beauty gifts in the USA?

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A few weeks before Black Friday — which marks the kick-off to the annual holiday shopping frenzy in the United States, a new study conducted by Yves Rocher USA through Google Trends looked at the most popular beauty gifts in each US state. And while makeup items are always a hit, perfume gift sets stand out as a particularly popular choice for holiday giving.

Because cosmetics are among the most popular gifts at this time of year in the USA, Yves Rocher set out to find out which beauty gifts were most popular in each of country’s state at this time of year. The company used data from a Google Trends search of "beauty gift" for the period of November 27, 2020 to December 24, 2020 in the USA.

Holiday beauty stars: fragrance gift sets and face creams

According to the study, fragrance gift sets top the list of beauty products heading under the tree December 25, on par with face creams. Sometimes allowing you to test several fragrances, or combine them with other types of cosmetics, fragrance gift sets lead the way as the most popular holiday beauty gift in 11 states, including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Face creams, in particular moisturizers, seem to make the perfect gift for many Americans, as they also top the list of popular beauty gifts in 11 states, including Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

Utah and Oregon, most interested in beauty gifts
Makeup is also very popular for holiday giving. And if eye and lip palettes are often the season’s star products, these two must-haves seem to be outshone by nail polishes at this time of year. Nail varnish ranks number one in no less than ten states, including Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Indiana, Alaska, and Hawaii. Among the other states surveyed, lipstick is all the rage in New York, eyeshadow palettes are popular in Arizona, Oklahoma and South Dakota, and bath sets seem to be a hit in Arkansas and Kentucky.

On the whole, Utah and Oregon appear to be the two states most interested in beauty gifts during the frenzied shopping season that runs from Black Friday to Christmas Eve.