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The fastest way to disinfect makeup brushes

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Makeup brushes come in contact with our faces on a daily basis and are bound to encounter germs and bacteria.If makeup brush are not kept clean, they can harbour huge bacteria and skin pathogens which result in microbial contamination on our skin and eyes.Bacteria can easily spread across the surface of the skin and make skin conditions worse and even can cause serious skin and eye infections.

It's not enough to to just clean our makeup brushes, they should also be as bacteria free as possible. If our makeup brushes are not permanently anti-bacterial makeup brushes, we need to use Makeup Brush Cleaners and Sanitizer, for example Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner and Sephora's Purifying Brush Shampoo etc, to clean and disinfect our makeup brushes every day.

But few people can do this thing everyday, or sometimes we need a more rapid way to disinfect makeup brushes rather than normal cleaning and drying which requires a lot of steps and time.

Then what is the fastest way to disinfect makeup brushes?

There is a special spray that is sold by stores such a Sephora especially designed to rapidly disinfect makeup brushes, however a much more economical and practical way is by 70%+ rubbing alcohol . Put the alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray the makeup brushes,getting in between the bristles, blot on a paper towel ,then air dry . Or spray a tissue with alcohol and wipe the brush on the tissue.Make sure they're completely dry before use.

However, alcohol is just to disinfect synthetic makeup brushes which have no hair cuticle and are easier to disinfect and dry quickly.

For natural hair makeup brushes, it is better not to use alcohol to hurt the hair cuticles or reduce the lifetime .

Also the alcohol will not penetrate a brush coated in cream products. So it will not work for cream products.

Using alcohol is just a emergency measure, it is better to clean and disinfect our brushes in normal ways even if more steps and time required.