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Marie Sermadiras appointed as the new CEO of the Cosfibel Group

Published Time:Thursday on Jan 06 2022 10:18:56 Source:未知 Read:

Marie Sermadiras has been appointed as the New Chief Executive Officer of all the Cosfibel Group’s operational subsidiaries, effective January 3rd 2022. She joined Cosfibel in May 2021, as Executive Vice-President, to prepare her transition to full operational leadership.

She will report to her predecessor, the group’s Executive Chairman, Alain Chevassus, who founded Cosfibel in 2001 and has been the company’s main shareholder since then. Marie Sermadiras’s main mission will be to build the path for profitable and sustainable growth, structuring Cosfibel to become a midcap player on its market. This growth will mainly rely on a double-digit organic growth, supported by external acquisitions that will depend on opportunities created in complementary niche markets.

A USD 100 million milestone for 2022

In 2021, the Cosfibel group reached a turnover close to USD 85 million, slightly above 2019’s results, after an atypical 2020 year marked by a 16% decrease in sales. The group is expecting a strong 2022 with an ambitious objective of reaching USD 100 million in sales.

Marie Sermadiras will count on the support of two historical key leaders of the organization who will continue to sit at the Executive Committee of the company:

- Stanislas Peronnet, Deputy Managing Director, who has been recently entrusted with a new strategic mission of leading all innovation & sustainability topics for the group;
- Natali Spasenic, Corporate CFO in charge of finance, management control and administration.

The Cosfibel Group has become a European leader of the secondary pack and gift with purchase industries for the premium and prestige cosmetics, wine & spirits and fine foods markets. The company employs more than 200 staffs worldwide.