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Makeup brush types

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Besides makeup brush material,  the extensive selection of makeup brushes available on the market can make the shopping intimidating.there are different makeup brush types for every task — from laying on foundation to blending and contouring.Sometimes you might not even know each brush’s name, not to mention their specific uses.

Knowing how to use makeup brushes allows for the precision and control you need to achieve. However, studying all the types of makeup brushes without any basis is really  a daunting challenge. Here, as a professional makeup brush supplier, we list the most common and makeup brush types for your information. Makeup brushes generally fall into following categories:

Foundation brush:
Since foundation is an essential part of any makeup routine. The foundation brush is one of the most commonly used makeup brushes, and is part of almost every makeup brush set. It has flat, dense bristles for more coverage or a fluffy tip for a more airbrush-like finish,for example the flat tongue shape as MAC190, or flat top as Sigma F80..
How to use foundation brushes:

Dip the foundation brush in the foundation.
Apply to your face in short, circular motions.
Start in the middle of your face, and work outwards.

Concealer brush:
Concealer brush is some kind of mini foundation brush. It includes small, flat, and compact bristles with squared-off or rounded tips, but can also come in a fluffy, medium-density for a more airbrushed application.It is used for applying a concealer, liquid or cream-based, to select spots of the face. For example, MAC 195 concealer brush or Sigma P80 concealer brush.
How to use concealer brushes:

Dip the brush in the concealer.
Tap it over areas that need coverage, for example, under your eyes, around your nose, or over blemishes.
Not to use too much pressure.\

Powder brush:
A powder brush is an indispensable part of your makeup brush set. It has long, soft bristles and fluffy rounded tips that are usually designed for face powder. It is meant for lightly applying compact powder on your face, without depositing too much product on the skin.
How to use powder brushes:

Dip the brush in the face powder, or the compact.
Tap off the excess powder.
Sweep it lightly all over your face.

Blusher brush:
Blush brush is a soft, fluffy brush that has slanted bristles. Used for applying blush, bronzer and highlighter, the blush brush is the softest brush in your makeup brush kit. It has dome shaped bristles, which help you to sweep colour on your face for that rosy glow.
How to use a blush brush:

Dip the blush brush in the product you want to apply.
Gently glide it over the apples of your cheeks, and your cheekbones.
Not to overdo it.

Buffer brush:
A medium to very dense bristle brush with a fluffy rounded tip. It’s a versatile option that can blend your contour/blush, remove excess skincare/foundation/powder, and help blend edges of your foundation into your hair, ears and neck area.

Contour brush:
A medium to tight bristle brush, usually with a side angle to sculpt the cheek and jawline. It is used for defining your cheekbones, and making your face appear slimmer or more angular. It is not a commonly used brush, and you may not find it in a regular makeup brush set. A contour brush is mostly used by makeup professionals. It has an angled tip, which helps define the lines used in contouring with a bronzer.
How to use a contour brush:

Take a little bit of bronzer that is one shade darker than your face on to the contour brush.
Sweep the contour brush over areas that you want to make appear slimmer and more angular.
Work with the flow of the brush, and not against it.

Kabuki brush
Kabuki Brush is compact powder brush with a fluffy tip and short handle,it is used to applying loose powder or body shimmer.They usually have tightly packed fibers, however, you can get a travel-sized mini kabuki brush as well. Kabuki brushes are also great for powder foundation and blush. Diffuse concentrated product by swirling the brush in makeup, tapping to remove excess and then gently applying by using large, circular motions.
How to use kabuki brush
Dip your kabuki brush into the product and spread evenly across your face. Be careful not to press to aggressively so as to avoid disrupting the placement of your blush, highlighter, etc.

Fan brush:
A fan-shaped brush that’s perfect for removal of extra powder under the eyes or removing eyeshadow fallout, but can also be used to apply highlighter/shimmer.Fan brushes are a great basic to have in your makeup toolbox because of their multi-use functionality.
For example, they work exceptionally well as a mistake-corrector. Maybe you’re applying a smoky eye and you got carried away the eye shadow, flecks of pigment are everywhere, and you’re a raccoon now. Gently brush away these extra flecks of color with the fan brush.
For bronzer or highlighter, use a fan brush to gently buff product onto your cheekbones using a sweeping motion.
You can also use fan brushes to diffuse color. Mellow out dark blush by fanning away the intensity.
An alternative use for fan brushes is to use them as an applicator for lotion, sunscreen, or concealer. It’s a gentle, soothing way to apply all manners of skincare products.

Stippling brush
A stippling brush is actually a type of foundation brush, but we are listing it as a separate category in view of the function it performs, namely stippling makeup on your face. Stippling means applying makeup in small dots that are very close to one another so that the end result is a flawless look. This is one of the most important types of makeup brushes in a professional's makeup brush kit. It has a blunt, flat edge, and two layers of bristles. The upper bristles pick the makeup product, while the lower layer, which is denser, pushes the product onto your skin.You can use a stippling brush to apply foundation, or a blush or even a bronzer. You can use it on select areas of the face, or all over the face.
How to use stippling brushes:

Apply a small amount of product to your stippling brush.
Tap the product lightly on to your skin in small dots.
Keep pressing the brush against your skin, creating more and more dots until you can no longer see individual dots. This can take a while, but you will get a flawless look.
Alternatively, you can also blend the dots in small circular motions.

Eyeshadow brush:
Comes in a variety of sizes, from medium-soft blending brushes to those featuring small, compact and rounded tips for stamping.For creating the illusion of depth and adding a dramatic contrast to your base lid color.Eye shadow brushes generally have a gentle taper; this allows tight precision when you’re adding in the final touches of your smoky eye. Use it to layer pigment where eye lid naturally folds.

Eyeliner brush:
For adding liner to achieve a fuller lash line or cat-eye look, can be rounded, pointed or squared off–depending on the line preference. An eyeliner brush serves multiple purposes. First and foremost for your eyeliner, of course. To use, dip the  eyeliner brush into the eyeliner pot . Starting from your inner eye, draw a line outward, gradually increasing the width of the line and flicking out toward the ends.The key to eyeliner is steady hands.
A great way to start on building your cat-eye prowess is by using the hash or dot method. Use the eyeliner brush to make small hashes or dots along your lash line and a final dot where the tip of the wing will go. Connect the dots to get to cat-eye perfection.
If you really want precision, you can use a stencil or even tape if you want to make sure the angles of both your wings match.

Lip brush:
Has a flat, rounded, or squared-off tip to apply, clean up or blend lip products.To precisely apply lipstick, gloss and other lip products.

How to use lip brushes:
Dip the brush into the lipstick, or lip gloss.
Wipe off the excess.
Use the brush to line the edge of the lips.
Fill in the colour.

Eyebrow brush:
Most brow brushes come double-sided—a comb side and a brush side. It is used for grooming the eyebrows, combing them and shaping them. The angled eyebrow application brushes are used to precisely apply eyebrow products. First, use the comb to straighten and form your brow shape.Then, use the brush side to apply your brow product whether that’s powder or a gel. Whether cream or powder, use short staccato strokes, making sure to come to a defined point at the ends.  Follow the natural shape of your brows rather than forcing them into unnatural forms.