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Which is the best makeup brush brand?

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The best is truly subjective, and it really depends on usage and budget.

If you're using makeup brush everyday and are ready to put down a lot of money these are some top brands for makeup brushes:

Hakuhodo /Chikuhodo- these two brands are considered the worldwide top two. Their makeup brushes are made of best natural hair, with best quality and craftsmanship. The craftsmen are trained for more than 10 years to properly handle the brush material, they never ever cut the bristles to get required shape, so their makeup brushes have intact hair tips. However, their makeup brushes are extremely expensive and few consumer can afford. Besides their own brands, Hakuhodo/Chikuhodo also are the OEM manufacturers for brands such as Wayne Goss, Tom Ford, Shu Uemura, Suqqu, Shiseido, Tanseido, and Kanebo etc.



Yves Saint Laurent


if you're just starting out with makeup and brushes, and prefer something affordable brands. The following brands for your reference:

Real Techniques-Real Techniques is a major winner in the makeup brush market. Their brushes contain fine synthetic fiber which feels like heaven on your skin, and the beautiful and attractive packaging also catches consumers’ eyes immediately.

MAC /Sigma-MAC/Sigma brushes are good too as they are mid price but work perfectly. These brushes are for those who want to start to really experiment with makeup but also for those of us who just really want a trusty brush.


E.L.F Makeup Brushes

Bobbi Brown



The above is just a small part of great makeup brushes for your reference, In fact, each consumer has personal preferences on makeup brushes, for example, if you prefer synthetic makeup brushes, you will not consider Hakuhodo /Chikuhodo brushes no matter how great they are.  Also each brand has its hot sale item, for example the Sigma F80 series, Tarte mermaid brush series.  Sometimes, you can even find your favorite brushes from not well known name brands but they work good.