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How to start makeup brushes product line

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The beauty market is so hot that everyone wants a piece of the action, while beauty market is so huge and wide variety, some prefer nail beauty industry, some aim at permanent beauty, some have a tactical preference for cosmetics industry...

No matter which area you finally enter into, adequate preparation and market research is essential. It's easy to get excited about an idea and jump the gun before you've done your research, but business final purpose is to make money and profits. You need to make sure there is a need for your makeup brushes. You are entering a very saturated market that is controlled by a few major cosmetic companies. Find your target market and then manufacture makeup brushes for them.

As a professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturer with more than 15 years’ experience, we would like to offer some suggestions to customers who aim to start makeup brush product line. You need to ask yourself these questions before you invest a single penny in this:

1.What is your advantages? Why consumers buy makeup brushes from you instead of the leading brands or your competitors?

2.What is distribution channel, do you have plans to sell makeup brushes in any stores? You need a good contact and way into multi-store companies, this will give you some stability.

3.How will you maintain brush quality?

4.How will you respond to demand in supply?

5.What is to stop a store brand or competitors putting you out of business? You should understand that many brands consider makeup brushes as a ‘side-line’, which means that they can sell makeup brushes at a loss to attract people buying other products they sell.


You usually have the following options to start your own makeup brush line.

1. With limited funds, purchase the existing makeup brushes from the makeup brush manufacturer and add your own logo or private label. In this process, you need to pay attention to the choice of makeup brush suppliers and control your own budget.

2. Custom makeup brushes with your own design. You need to spend some time to full understand the makeup brush  functions  and makeup brush production process, which  will help your makeup brush design. You can choose your favorite makeup brush to imitate them, after all, imitation or copying beforehand is the easiest way to learn.

But no matter totally own design or copy, it takes a lot of time or money for a starter.Find a reliable and professional makeup brush manufacturer who can provide information about the handle, ferrule, bristles, production process etc, they can help with your makeup brush design and marketing.

3.Tell the makeup brush manufacturer your design philosophy and let them help you complete the makeup brush design and sample production. This means that your product will face a huge cost before it is produced and there may be a high MOQ for later production.


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