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Makeup brushes for Acrylic Painting and drawing?

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Can we use makeup brushes for acrylic painting and drawing?

Yes, in terms of quality, makeup brushes are pretty good for painting. Some major advantages of using a makeup brush like a paint brush for acrylic painting are listed below:
  • ►Makeup brushes have short bristles which makes them handy and our painting controlled.
  • ►Makeup brushes are usually of very good quality, as people usually tend to use them for face, so the bristles are pretty soft and fluffy.
  • ►Makeup brushes are sometimes cheaper than good quality artist paint brushes. A good paint brush can cost about 10 to 25 dollars. But you can find pretty cheap and good quality makeup brushes from the dollar store or can get them for about $3 to $4, which is really reasonable for such quality as compared to paint brushes in the same price range.
  • ►Easy to clean.
  • ►Makeup brushes do not shed their bristles, unlike cheap paint brushes.

Some of the commonly used makeup brushes in painting are powder brushes being used in watercolor painting, because the powder brushes have large application area and can hold much water at once. The effect is actually quite beautiful. ‏ Besides, gel eyeliner brushes can be used as ‏fine brushes for painting, eyeshadow brushes can work well as filbert art brushes. The small angle brushes are good for details,soft and fluffy brushes for blending. ..

One important difference is that makeup brush handle is usually much shorter than paint brush handle which may limit your range and won’t allow the kind of flow and motion for proper watercolor technique. ‏

‏Another tip is that makeup brushes with natural hairs will soak up a great deal of paint, so the application will be much different with painting with a synthetic paint brush. Also, the natural brush can lead to a lot of wasted paint due to the brush soaking up a great deal of paint.

If you have children and are seeking to give your makeup brushes a new lease of life, you can thoroughly clean them and then gift to your children. They will be able to reuse and add a new level of fun to your makeup brushes.