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Makeup brush quality control in Kingyin

Published Time:Saturday on Sep 11 2021 13:48:34 Source:未知 Read:

While custom makeup brushes from makeup brush factory, customers will not only care price but also brush quality. If with bad quality or serious bristles falling, it will certainly hurt customer business, and customers may never consider do business again with this makeup brush manufacturer or supplier.

Since makeup brush is a manual work, no machine to control the quality, the most important are workers and QC inspectors. In Kingyin, to ensure the brush quality, we also require the Production Supervisors and the salesmen to check, confirm and control the quality together with the QC inspector.

For new orders to custom makeup brushes, we firstly confirm exact quality requirements with customers; then make a working instruction according to customers’ requirements and order, and then pass the working instruction to production department and require them to strictly follow the instruction; the production supervisors will inspect the production process; the QC inspectors will check if the finished brushes are qualified, and the salesmen will recheck and confirm if the brushes meet order requirements.

You can check our exact QC process on brush bristles, aluminum ferrule, copper ferrule, handle, brush head and assembly.

After the above quality control process, our makeup brushes can always satisfy customers, the good quality has help our customers win more and more business, and we, as the makeup brush factory, are also certainly getting benefit from our customer business growing. We always try all of our best to ensure our product quality.

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