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Quality control on makeup brush bristles

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As a professional makeup brush manufacturer, quality is our life. To ensure the brush quality, before assembly, we have strict inspection process on bristle, ferrule and handle.

Here we would like to share our inspection methods and standard on the bristles, so that customers can fully understand our quality level and be at ease during custom makeup brush OEM from us.
Inspection of bristles:
Inspecting according to:
• Inspection Sheet
•Production Instruction Sheet
•Customers' Approved Samples/Benchmark
1. Dimension:
By vernier caliper:
•Compare with benchmark, the tolerance of length should be within ±2mm for synthetic hair, ±5mm for animal hair

2. Material
•Touching and visually checking the hair smoothness, softness and curvature, then produce 3-5pcs brushes to compare with benchmark, if the same- OK; if not- NG

3. Appearance
•Color:Compare with bristle sample/finished benchmark, if the same,OK
•Bristle Tips:Check if the tip length/thickness is the same as benchmark
•Cleanness:No dirty within 30cm from inspector sight

4. Performance
1) Tie 3-5pcs brush heads with cotton thread and soak into a transparent cup with 70 ℃~ 80 ℃ warm water for 3-5 minutes to see if any fading.
2)Tie brush heads with cotton thread and rub back and forth 500 times on A4 white paper, if no residual color on A4 paper, OK; if not, NG

Powder test
Make 1-5pcs brush head to see if the powder pick up performance is the same