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Stick bristles with adhesive tape to reduce bristles falling

Published Time:Thursday on Mar 04 2021 07:53:20 Source:未知 Read:

To reduce hair falling during makeup brush production, makeup brush manufacturers have used various methods, such as combing out some extra or fly bristles, washing off broken hairs, brush off the heads by hands etc. However, even after these process, there are still some stubborn bristle can not be completely removed. Some users still find that there are some hair falling during applying makeup.
Although it is normal to have several 
hair falling during initial usage, we still try our best to reduce the falling quantity to minimum. God helps those who help themselves, after our exploration and research, we found a way to remove some more  natural hair, that is stick off the bristles by adhesive tape.
After assembling the makeup brushes, rolling the brush heads on large adhesive tapes, then the adhesive materials will stick to the 
 natural hair, during rolling and pulling, the loose hair will be left on the tape. Repeat this step for several times, you will find no bristle falling even during cleaning.
Anyway, such method has its limit. For top grade animal hairs, such sticking will somewhat hurt the hair tip, then will affect the hair performance. Therefore, for top grade goat hair like XGF goat hair and ZGF goat hair, it is best not use such process.
For synthetic hair or high/medium/low grade animal hairs, sticking the hairs can greatly reduce the falling quantity. For top grade animal hairs, we will use our hands to brush off the falling/broken hairs and try our best to protect the hair tips.
As a professional manufacturer , we will use our experience and profession to handle all problems during brush production, and will give customers proper suggestions and guides during our communication.
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