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The influence of workers turnover to makeup brush quality

Published Time:Thursday on Mar 04 2021 08:00:48 Source:未知 Read:

Makeup brush manufacturing is manual, so besides material, the brush quality totally depends on workers’ craft. Even we use the best material for our makeup brushes, if the craft is bad, the brushes will look very ugly and low grade. In another word, skillful and professional workers are the key of a makeup brush factory.
However, due to the market environment and specific reasons, the workers turnover are very frequent in most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers. The common situation is: the makeup brush factory pays much to train new workers, but after they are skillful and familiar to makeup brush production, some workers may leave the factory to find another job not in makeup brush industry; or as most makeup brush workers are young, some may only stay at the factory for about one year, and then they get married and leave the city. This situation is more common in small makeup brush factory who can not pay enough salary to workers.
Since makeup brush quality depends on workers, the frequent turnover greatly affects the brush quality. If a factory keeps training new staff to produce makeup brushes, the factory will lose all orders and customers sooner or later.
New workers do not know how to shape or cut hairs, so they are not able to make required brush shape; they do not know how to skillfully insert bristles into ferrules, so some bristles will be exposed outside; they do not know how to connect ferrule and handle properly, so the joint of ferrule and handle will have gap, glue or burs, or even have some bristles and dirt exposed, some workers even displace ferrule and handle. No matter how great the material is, the bad craft will ruin the whole brushes.
To save cost and some other reasons, small makeup brush factories or workshop let new staff to learn by making/doing, but it is ridiculous to have new workers join mass production. They will ruin the whole brush quality, and cause continuous rework due to bad quality. Even worse, some small makeup brush factories do not have inspection process, so they directly send all brushes made by new workers without any inspection to customers. Such action is just like a suicide, finally there will be no customer.
The workers turnover is a common situation in this field, it is hard to avoid this by ourselves. But we should try our best to avoid its affect to brush quality. We should not let new workers join the mass production until they are skillful enough. Even if we let them join the production due to some urgent lead time, we should have strict inspection process on all makeup brushes.
Quality is the life of a factory, for makeup brush industry, workers skill is the life of a makeup brush factory.  
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