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The flaws on makeup brushes

Published Time:Friday on Mar 05 2021 08:37:11 Source:未知 Read:

Makeup brush production is totally manual, therefore, flaws is somewhat avoid-less during production. Some flaws must be improved, while some flaws can be accepted if no affect on usage or appearance.
The makeup brushes with following flaws must be reworked by the makeup brush manufacturer:

  1. Visible appearance flaws: makeup brush is a beauty tool, no visible flaws on appearance is acceptable. For example,ferrule scratch or concave, glue hints, handle scratch etc . Although these flaws will not affect makeup application, it will decrease the brush quality level and sales volume.
  2. Improper head shape: to reach perfect makeup,makeup brush should have specific head shape, such as dome, flat or taper. While for some makeup brushes, although the whole shape meet requirements, some bristles does not conform with the whole shape, which just look like a gap. Such flaws will not only affect powder pickup but also appearance.
Although the above flaws is not quality problem, it is really unacceptable,and can be improved by proper skill.
However, some flaws can not be avoided, they are caused by the material itself or manual work characteristics, for example:

  1. The wood texture: wood is natural product, we can not control its grow, what we can do is to cut them into required shape. Therefore,there will texture difference on different handles. After painting to colors, the texture may be hidden and invisible, but if customers require transparent painting which cannot cover wooden texture, the texture difference will appear. No makeup brush factory can guarantee that all brushes are 100% the customers should not require rework on such texture difference.
  2. small and invisible glue mark: our workers gather bristles by glue, connect ferrule and handle by glue, adhere brush rolls and holders by glue. Glue is a essential material during makeup brush production, so glue marks are inevitable during brush production. Although we will wipe off the visible glue marks after production and during quality inspection, some invisible glue marks may be missed, and can not be found or wiped off.
As a professional makeup brush supplier, we will offer best products and service to customers, and will not quibble if our brushes do have quality problem. But at the same time, it will be grateful if customers can understand that manual work is controlled by human beings, and no manual work can be perfect.
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