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The glue used on makeup brush assembly

Published Time:Saturday on Mar 06 2021 09:16:31 Source:未知 Read:

During makeup brush production, glues are essential to assemble ferrules to handles. The most common glue used on makeup brushes is glue rods. We put the glue rod into electrical glue gun,after electrified, the glue rod will melt, then we insert the handle into ferrule to finish the assembly. The glue rod will quickly dry in several seconds. More than 90% makeup brush manufacturers use glue rods during the assembly due to its convenience and quickness.

However, after 2 years, or in the environment where has big temperature difference, the handle may fall off from ferrule, as the glue cannot well attach to handles. Such issue seldom happens, but if it really happens, we just need to use lighter to bake the bottom ferrule where connects handles for several seconds. Then the original glue melt, so that we can insert the handle into ferrule to do the assemble again. It is very easy and every one can do it, the only thing is to be careful in case of hurt by hot ferrule.

The second most common glue used on makeup brushes is AB glue, it is a kind of fragile glue and very strong which is seldom fall off. But it is more difficult to assemble makeup brushes with AB glue as it is fluid. If the workers are not professional enough, the handle may slant and cannot well connect the ferrule. Also, if the handle unfortunately fall off from the ferrule, we can only use new AB glue to do the assembly again.

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