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The importance of makeup brush workmanship

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Makeup brush quality includes material and workmanship. Material decides the part quality-touching, pick-up capacity and comfort level, while workmanship affects the whole brush quality. Both are very important to users. But in fact, workmanship is sometimes more important than material. After all, the makeup brush is a kind of beauty products which has high standard on appearance and details.
For example,makeup brush manufacturers uses top grade material on brushes, such as XGF goat hair and copper ferrule, and quotes extremely high price. Although the price is really high, customers believe they will get great quality with such price. Therefore, they place orders to the makeup brush manufacturer and are looking forward to perfect makeup brushes. However, after unpacking, they are shocked by the bad quality. Yes, the brushes have great performance and are very comfortable. But how poor the workmanship is! There are obvious glue hints on the ferrule and handle, many hairs falling down during application, the joints of ferrule and handle have distinct gap, hairs exposed from the joint, the hairs has heavy smell….
No matter how great the material is, the brush just look like low grade product, and it is impossible to sell high price or attract consumers. It is really a disaster to brand promotion.
In contrast, even with relatively lower grade material, if the workmanship is perfect and flawless, the brush will look like higher grade product and can certainly attract more consumers.
In this case, workmanship is more important than material. No person will care your inner qualities when you have bad appearance. This principle also applies to makeup brushes. No users will care brush material if the brush is ugly and dirty.
The makeup brush workmanship is decided by workers of the makeup brush factory, so big brands always order makeup brushes from professional makeup brush factory instead of small workshop who cannot control the workmanship of brushes. Kingyin has been in makeup brush industry for more than 15 years, and have produced brushes for many brands like Kiko Milano, i.t cosmetics, Real Techinques, Tarte cosmetics etc.
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