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What is good customer service for makeup brush manufacturers?

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Generally, good customer service includes pre-sale service, sales service and after-sale service. During per-sale service, makeup brush manufacturers should try best to offer enough information to customers, so that customers can get detailed product information, fully understand the company policy, and know each detail to establish cooperation. If customers and makeup brush manufacturers cannot reach agreement on some conditions or terms during custom makeup brushes, it is not bad service, just different company policy and position.

Once both sides reach agreements on all conditions, both sides should strictly fulfill the agreement: the makeup brush manufacturers should offer qualified makeup brushes within lead time, and keep customers posted for any information, and customers should arrange payment on time. Since all conditions have been discussed before ordering, there should be no conflict during sales service if both sides comply with the agreement.

For after-sale service, after shipment, manufacturers and customers should keep eyes on the makeup brush quality. If any quality problem is found after unpacking, as a professional makeup brush manufacturer, we will offer good enough after-sale service and solve the problem immediately for customers.

Good customer service does not mean accept customers’ all requirements, especially during pre-sale service. At such step, each side wants to protect their own interests, so no ground for blame. If one side’s requirements conflict with the other’s company policy, it is really normal to refuse such requirement.

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