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The defects and rework of makeup brushes

Published Time:Wednesday on Mar 10 2021 08:56:58 Source:未知 Read:

No makeup brush factory can promise that their makeup brushes are 100% perfect. During inspection, some finished brushes will be considered as defects. For example, the makeup brushes may have glue hint during production; the ferrule may have scratches due to workers’ operation; the handle color may not meet customers’ requirements; the brush hairs may lose hairs heavily; the ferrule and handle may not connect well…...

For makeup brush manufacturers, some defects can be reworked, while some have to be scrapped. If the brush handle color is wrong, there is no way but scrap all handles; if there are clear and heavy scratches on the brush ferrules and handles, we also have to scrap the scratched ferrules and handles, as there is no way to rework them.

However, some defects can really be reworked. For example, the glue hint or overflow, we can remove the hint and extra glue with special solution after production; also, if we find the ferrule and handle do not connect well, we can melt the glue and connect them again; if the brush loses hairs heavily, we can disassemble the brush heads and process the hairs again….

Most defects are caused and can be reworked during brush production. And it will save a lot of time and money if the defects are reworked during production. If we find the quality problem after production, it may cause serious problem, and we may have to scrap the finished brushes if there is no way to disassemble brushes. Also, it will greatly affect the delivery time and cause breach of contract. Therefore, process control is very important to most makeup brush manufacturers.

For a professional makeup brush factory, inspection after production is far away from enough. We should control each production process and try our best to rework the defects at the related steps, so that we can reduce the lost to minimum.

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