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The mold for makeup brush heads and ferrules

Published Time:Thursday on Mar 11 2021 09:07:59 Source:未知 Read:

Most customers know makeup brush manufacturers need to develop molds for plastic handles during custom makeup brushes with special design and private label. If not plastic handles, but wooden handle or mental handle, they believe no mold needed during brush production.

It is really a misunderstanding. As long as customers have special design on makeup brush shape and size, the makeup brush manufacturers have to develop molds for each part- brush head, ferrule and handle.

For makeup brush head, if special head shape is required, makeup brush manufacturers will need to develop a certain mold called air container and insert the hairs into the air container to reach required shape. The air container can be acrylic,metal or wooden.


For brush ferrules, if the ferrule shape and size are not in normal size or shape, the manufacturers also need to develop mold for it. Otherwise, it is impossible to ensure all ferrules will reach required shape and size. The ferrule mold is usually metal.

For plastic handles, mold is essential. For wooden handles, also need certain mold to ensure required shape and size.

Most customers do not realize molds for brush head and ferrule, that is because makeup brush manufacturers do not additionally charge the mold for heads and ferrules, they usually include the molding fee into the whole cost, and then share to each brush, which will be very low and almost negligible.

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