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Rainy day delays makeup brush production

Published Time:Tuesday on Mar 02 2021 07:44:40 Source:未知 Read:

The one who is familiar with makeup brush production must know that weather has great affects on production process. The main reason is the humid environment is not good for painting drying especially for wooden handle.

During custom makeup brushes OEM, customers have their own choice on brush handle color, and also require their own logo to be printed on handle. Therefore, makeup brush manufacturer needs to paint handles to required color, after the handles completely dry, print logo on handle, and only after the logo also completely dry, we can do the assembly.

The drying of painting and logo mostly depends on the weather, in sunny and dry days, this process can be finished quickly, while in moist and cool days, it will need much more days. Although makeup brush manufacturer use big electric fans to speed up the airflow, it can not help too much in moist day.

Therefore, if we meet continue rainy day during the production, it must will delay the production. For example, our normal lead time is 30 days, although we have considered some rainy days during this period, if rainy day lasts for about 20 days or more, the production period must been more than 35 days. That is also why the lead time in summer is shorter than in winter.

We always try best to meet required delivery date, but if any delay due to the weather, please help to understand us.

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