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Sample confirmation first before bulk production

Published Time:Sunday on Sep 12 2021 10:03:14 Source:未知 Read:

Many customers are very interested in some makeup brushes on internet, and require the makeup brush manufacturers to send samples for their evaluation. However, once knowing that they should pay sample fee and shipping charge, some of them cannot accept: some may be willing to pay shipping charge but not samples; some do not want to pay either samples or shipping charge, which causes difficulties in further cooperation between customers and makeup brush factory.

We have explained why we charge sample fee in previous articles. and in fact most Chinese makeup brush manufacturers, factories and suppliers charge sample fees for makeup brush samples, it is also the case in worldwide makeup brush industry, so if customers want to buy good quality makeup brushes, it is unavoidable to pay samples.

Due to the high bank transfer fees, some customers may consider directly ordering makeup brushes in large quantity without checking samples; it is actually not a wise action. The makeup brushes in the pictures may be perfect and excellent, if not checking the samples first, customers may receive very bad brushes, or get makeup brushes not exactly the same as pictures, which will cause a big loss to customers.

So if customers would like to order or custom makeup brushes, you should require the makeup brush factory to send samples for confirmation before bulk production, and only after getting your confirmation on the samples, they can start production. And if you have not placed the order to the makeup brush factory or supplier but would like to get samples first, they will charge sample fee, please do not become angry or immediately disappear, most manufacturers will agree to refund the sample fees in your mass orders, so if you really have orders, you actually will not need to pay extra money for the samples.

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