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Why pantone PMS code in makeup brush color confirmation?

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During custom makeup brushes, color confirmation is one of the most difficult. Due to different screen resolution or printer color, the same color may look different, so the real brush color may be different from customer imagination. To solve this problem and avoid of dispute, we use pantone code as universal standard in brush color, so that makeup brush manufacturers and customers can have the same standard on colors.

While pantone color code has many categories, for example, the colors for Textile, printing, plastic, painting etc., and each category has individual color code, for example, the deep red in textile is 18-1763 TPX while in painting it is 186C, so if you tell the makeup brush factory the brush handle color is 18-1763 TPX, they must be puzzled, as they cannot find such code in their system. Therefore, to achieve effective communication, it is better to tell makeup brush suppliers of the color code in the specific field.

To custom makeup brush, customers should specify the PMS code of the makeup brushes, so that the makeup brush manufacturer can ensure the required colors.  To check the available PMS code, please click

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