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Makeup Brush Factory Site Selection

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To build a makeup brush factory, you must be very familiar with the makeup brush industry and production. The factory site selection is the first and important question. Which place is better? Dry or wet environment? In city center or suburbs? …

If have enough funds, buy a land for the makeup brush factory will be better, as own land will be free with plant and workshop design, and no need to move factory due to rent increase. Besides, the land is certain to rise in value sooner or later. If no enough funds, renting a workshop or plant will be good too.

No matter buying or renting the plant, the makeup brush manufacturers should carefully choose the site. As the makeup brush itself is somewhat afraid of moisture, if too wet, the bristles and handles may go moldy, and the glue processing will be prolonged within wet environment. so, if you can, firstly choose the dry environment and factory location.

Of course, environment is not the only concern; labor cost is another big factor that should be considered. It is suggested to choose suburbs due to its lower labor cost. Some may say: suburb is too far from the customers and it is inconvenient for delivery. Do not underestimate the high efficiency of the logistics company, they can delivery your products to anywhere you want, while for makeup brush industry, labor cost is about 50% of the whole product cost, so comparatively speaking, you should choose the location where the labor cost is cheap.

Besides environment and labor cost, matched supplying is also very important. It will be the best if the material suppliers (hair, ferrule, handle, printing, packaging) is nearby. Even if logistics is quick, the logistic cost will increase the total product cost, also face to face communication and inspection is much better than online. You can go to supplier’s factory during the production to check if everything moves well, in case of any quality problem or shipment delay.

There are many other factors you should concern to open a makeup brush factory, if not ensure, just to the manufacturing center of makeup brushes.