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Our policy on makeup brush samples

Published Time:Friday on Aug 06 2021 09:05:12 Source:未知 Read:

Almost everyday, we are required to send samples for quality checking by our customers. Some customers require the samples in our stock to see our ability and quality level as a makeup brush factory; some customers want to customize their own makeup brushes with their own design and private label, so they want to check required sample quality before ordering.

For the samples in our stock, we will not charge any sample fee, but customers should afford shipping charge. If customers have DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT account, they do not need to pay any to us, we can send samples immediately. But most customers have no shipping account, and want to pay the shipping charge to us and we arrange the shipment for them. Some customers cannot understand why they have to pay around USD50.0 for one single sample in our stock, they consider we charge ridiculous fees. However, such charge is shipping charge which not charged by us but the shipping agent. We can not offer any discount on such charge. For security reason, some customers insist that they will not pay the shipping charge until they have the tracking number of the samples, but the fact is: we ship the samples not via official DHL/FEDEX but their agent who can offer cheaper price, so we should firstly send the samples to them and then they will give us tracking number 1 day later. So we cannot accept shipment first without shipping charge.

For the customized makeup brush samples without logo, if we have existing material in stock, or it is easy to find the required raw material, we will not charge sample fee either, so the same situation as samples in stock, customers only need to pay shipping charge. If the brushes are special and need to order new raw material for them, we will need to charge sample fee accordingly.

If customers need logos on samples, we will always charge sample fee, as we need to develop printing plates for the logo which is expensive and we cannot afford this charge since so many sample requirements everyday. For the charged samples, we will refund the sample fee after getting mass orders. Shipping charge will not be refunded.

The above is our detailed sample policy, we hope to get understanding from our customers.

Let’s establish our business relationship from samples.

Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with private label from us, we will offer high quality, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.