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The logo fee of silk printing on makeup brush

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During makeup brush OEM, all customers require private label on makeup brushes to promote their own brand. However, some customers hang back due to logo fee. They believe the fee to have their private label printed on makeup brushes must be very expensive and maybe not affordable if they have low budget. It is really a misunderstanding. Most customers will choose silk screen printing for their logos. Here we would like to share information on logo fee of silk printing.

The logo fee of silk printing includes plate mold fee and printing fee. Plate fee is one-off, that means customers do not need to pay for each order. One plate fee is less than USD50.0. Although customers need to pay printing fee for each brush, the printing fee is very cheap, less than RMB0.1 for each brush.

While custom makeup brush sets, customers may require different logo size on different handle sizes, different brush name or part number for each brush, or double side printing for logo and brush name. In this case, the logo cost will be higher, as makeup brush factory needs to produce different plates mold and do separate printing accordingly.

Therefore, if customers firstly order makeup brush samples with private label, the whole sample fee maybe high, especially if different samples with different handle/logo sizes and different brush names. The logo fee will be the main part of sample fee. However, if customers confirm the samples and order large quantity, they will no need to pay plate fee again, as above mentioned, plate fee is one-off fee.

But if customers change their logo design after reviewing samples or during mass production, they need to pay new logo fee for each change, as new design requires new plate mold. Customers should finalize logo design at the very beginning.

To save cost, some customers prefer no logo or printing on samples but firstly check sample quality and design. At this situation, if customers approve samples and place mass order. Before mass production, we will firstly send pictures or samples with logo for customers’ confirmation, and ensure the logo style and printing can meet customers’ requirements.

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