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About the makeup brush hair fall-off

Published Time:Tuesday on Feb 09 2021 10:04:47 Source:未知 Read:

Although more and more people fall in love with makeup brushes with 100% synthetic hair, many traditional makeup artists still prefer brushes with natural hair, as it can somewhat achieve prefect makeup due to the excellent powder pickup and release capacity.

Just like human hairs, natural hairs may break or fall off, so after getting the brushes with natural hair, we may find that some hairs fall off from the brush.

If the fall-off is serious and too many, it is quality problem, users should contact the makeup brush factory or supplier for replacements or any other possible solution. If just several hairs fall off before wash, it should be acceptable.

Here, we would like to introduce how the makeup brush manufacturers avoid hair falling during production and inspection:

During the makeup brush production, we firstly mold the natural hair shape, and then glue the hairs into ferrules to get the brush head ; after the glue is dry out, we will firstly comb the brush head by machine to remove the mess/extra/float hairs.

Also, before shipment, we will inspect the brushes to ensure qualified, the inspector will whisk the brushes for about 20 times, if the hair falling is too much, the brushes will be considered unqualified and rejected; no more than 7 hairs falling is acceptable;  Of course, we cannot keep whisking the brushes, due to the characters of natural hair, 20 times will be enough.

After getting new makeup brushes, we can check the brushes by ourselves- sweep the makeup brush on back of hand, if no hair or just several hairs falling, it can prove that the makeup brush is qualified. Please note that it is done after cleaning. After cleaning one or two times, qualified makeup brushes will not keep falling hairs.

Synthetic fiber is not so easy to fall off as animal hairs, but several bristle shedding before wash is also acceptable.

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