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About partial shipment of makeup brushes

Published Time:Friday on Feb 26 2021 08:39:54 Source:未知 Read:

We are often required to expedite shipment from customers who are in urgent need of brushes or have their inventory sold out. Some customers just need a part of the order to meet urgent demands. For example, customer place an order of 1000 brush sets to makeup brush factory, but they have sold out all stocked brushes and need 100 sets to supplement their inventory. Then they will require makeup brush manufacturers for partial shipment.
However, if the order quantity is no more than 100,000pcs, partial shipment is meaningless due to production process of makeup brushes:
  • We firstly order material from suppliers, if the order quantity is no more than 100,000pcs, the lead time of material is fixed, almost no difference;
  • After getting material, we do incoming inspection, the inspection time difference for 1000pcs and 100,000pcs is only about 2 days.
  • then do the painting and logo printing and waiting for the painting dried, this period is also fixed, almost no difference.
  • after all parts-hair/ferrule/handle being ready, we then finally assemble all parts together. Our month capacity is over 3,000,000pcs, which means daily capacity is 100,000pcs, so if order quantity is not big enough, almost no difference.
If the order quantity is over 1 million pcs, it is OK to have partial shipments for quicker funds return.
We understand sometimes customers may have urgent demand on the makeup brushes during customizing makeup brushes. We will try our best to give priority to urgent order, but our best lead time is 30 days.  
 Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with private label from us, we will offer high quality, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.