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The production process of beauty blender

Published Time:Saturday on Feb 13 2021 10:20:31 Source:未知 Read:

Now, almost every makeup artist has a beauty blender in their makeup tool collection. It can give us a flawless makeup due to its good performance in foundation makeup. Beauty blender itself has cute appearance, so it has been sought after by various users for many years. But do you know how the cute beauty blends are produced? The following chart may give you a rough idea on the production process:

During the whole process, the most important step is foaming, in this process, we can control the softness by adjusting the time/temperature etc. Therefore, even with the same material, the softness of the beauty blender from different factories may be different.
Of course, the polishing is also very important, in this step, we can get required shape.
Therefore, during ordering or customizing beauty blenders from us, if customers have specific physical samples to copy, please firstly send the samples to us, so that we can adjust the machine accordingly.