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The history of makeup brush

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It is said that it is the Germans who firstly invented makeup brushes, and then this technology was spread to the United States, Japan, Korea, and finally to China. The manufacturing base also transferred from Germany-Japan-Korea-China. The production transfer mainly because labor cost and environment protection policy. As the makeup brushes are mostly a kind of manual work, so the labor cost takes very important roles in the price of makeup brushes, besides, the plating and oxidation of makeup brush aluminum ferrule and copper ferrule will cause air pollution, so some developed countries will prohibit such industry, therefore, such makeup brush factories had to transfer to other countries.

In about 1995, there were some Korean and Taiwan makeup brush factories came to China, that time, the main production base of makeup brushes is in Shenzhen (Shenzhen is still the biggest makeup brush manufacturing base now). Originally, there are few makeup brush factory, only about 5-6 factories, while now just in Shenzhen, more than 200 factories who manufacture makeup brushes. Gradually many factories in other cities like Dalian and Yiwu, join into the makeup brushes industry. These factories are usually founded by the persons who once worked in makeup brush factory, knowing the technology to manufacture makeup brushes. These makeup brushes factories attracted a lot of international customers by their low price.

Generally speaking, the German makeup brushes is the best in quality, but unfortunately now only one factory left, and this factory only sold their makeup brushes on its Web site, and the price is ridiculously high. Makeup brushes made by Japanese factories are also good in quality, they usually have their own brands, but the price is also too high. Most Korean and Taiwan makeup brush factories have  moved to China. These factories have strict control on the quality, and they usually offer OEM service.

It is hard to evaluate the quality of each brand makeup brush, because most famous bands of makeup brushes have not their own factories. Their makeup brushes are usually made in the OEM factories. The makeup brushes are usually sold together with the cosmetic, only after the cosmetic become popular and famous; they begin to sell makeup brushes.