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The makeup brush holder

Published Time:Sunday on Feb 28 2021 15:28:01 Source:未知 Read:

If you have more than 10pcs makeup brushes in hands, you must consider storing them in certain place instead of in mess.

The traditional way is put them in a makeup brush bag, so that we can take all of our brushes even in travel, and can also protect the brushes from dirts and dusts. However, if at home, brush bags are not so convenient, we need to take out and replace each brush during makeup. That is why the brush holder are invented.

With the brush holder/container, we can conveniently take out and store makeup brushes during makeup. Also, as the brush holders usually have two parts, we can store more than 20pcs brushes. And after closing, it can also prevent dirts and dusts, and can also take with us during travel.

For the holder material, it is usually PU leather or cloth. The outside material is usually PU, while the inner material can be PU or cloth. Some may think PU must be better than cloth, it is not the case, PU has some smell, while cloth has not. Also, as the holder cover is usually glued, if the inner cover is also PU, it is hard to ensure the smooth on the inner cover, but cloth can be easily glued, so will look very smooth.

For the holder size, it depends on the size of your brushes. If your brushes with rather long handles, it is better to have a tall holder; if you only need to store several brushes, you may only need slim holder, but if you have more than 10-20pcs brushes, you will need larger holder.

For the holder shape. It can be round or oval, the sigma holder has oval shape.

If the material and size is different, the price of the holder will accordingly be different. Therefore, during customize makeup brush holders, please send your detailed requirements on the holders to your supplier or manufacturer, including the inner and outside material, height and diameter. Otherwise, you may not get required and satisfied holders.