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Any change on custom makeup brushes must be confirmed by customers

Published Time:Tuesday on Jan 18 2022 10:33:43 Source:未知 Read:

Being a makeup brush manufacturer who specialize in customizing makeup brushes for worldwide customers and brands, we must produce makeup brushes according to customer’s instruction and never do any change without customer’s approval.
  • For first order brushes, if any aspects that cannot 100% meet customer’s requirements, we should immediately send pictures or samples to customers for approval. For example, if the brush shape or color is slightly different with benchmark, no matter how slight the difference is, we should contact customers and specify the difference. Unless the customer can accept such difference, we can move forward to do following process.
  • For return orders,If customers do not request any change on the brush, we should keep the brush consistent for all orders. If any inconsistency appears, we should contact customer for approval. For example, the bristle dyeing color or handle painting color may not exactly the same as last batch, even if it is normal to have color difference for different batches, we should clearly explain such difference to customer, and ensure they fully understand the change. If customer can accept, it is OK to move forward, but if customers cannot accept, we have to stop and rework until getting approval.

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