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ECO friendly-wheat straw & sugar cane brush handle

Published Time:Monday on Feb 15 2021 09:11:24 Source:未知 Read:

Now, more and more clients have demand on ECO-friendly/sustainability innovation on makeup brushes. Base on such situation, we, as professional makeup brush manufacturer, launch makeup brushes with wheat straw handles & sugar cane handles.

Wheat straw handle is made from wheat straw, rice husk, cellulose, starch and Lignin, which makes the product degradable. And after mixed food grade PP, it can be made in any shape, such material is used to produce tableware, toothbrush, children toys etc.

sugar cane handle is made from sugar cane, after juicing, the sugar cane juice will ferment to ethanol, and then use ethanol as raw material to produce polyethylene, which makes the product ECO friendly.

If you have any such requirements on Eco friendly makeup brush handles, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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