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Firstly Buy trial testing brush samples online

Published Time:Monday on Feb 15 2021 09:12:51 Source:未知 Read:

At the beginning of entering into makeup brush industry, most customers do not know what kind of brushes they need, or how to distinguish different material and quality. Therefore, to be more professional and ensure excellent communication with makeup brush manufacturers, some customers would like to check samples first.

Some customers may try to get samples directly from makeup brush factory. However, few manufacturers will offer free samples now, even if some manufacturers can offer free samples, they will require customers to afford shipping charge which is rather high cost. 

To save cost and time, customers can source existing samples online such as eBay, amazon etc, and buy different samples to do research and test. After being familiar with makeup brushes, you will make final decision on what brush you need, which material you prefer and what color you want. Then you can send physical samples you buy online to makeup brush manufacturers to clearly explain your detailed requirements on your brushes, and get exact quotation. In this way, you can pay less money on samples and shipping charge, and become more professional on makeup brush design and quality, which will help a lot on your communication with manufacturers and clients.

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