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Freight collect shipment via DHL/FEDEX/UPS

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After the production is finished, the makeup brush factory needs to send the shipment to customers. Usually, the trade terms is FOB or EXW,which means customers need to pay shipping charge. 

If ship via DHL/FEDEX/UPS, the charge of freight collect is much more higher than prepaid. There are two ways to save cos

 customers pay shipping charge to the makeup brush factory and the factory pays their local DHL/FEDEX/UPS
  customers reach agreement with their local DHL/FEDEX/UPS and get special discount on freight collect charge.

The following is the brief introduction of the process for freight collect shipment via DHL/FEDEX/UPS

When the production is finished and available for pickup. The makeup brush manufacturer will send detailed package information to customers, which includes total weight, total dimension, carton size, carton numbers etc, as well as the detailed pickup address.

Then customers will forward such information to their local DHL/FEDEX/UPS to get quotation and arrange pickup. After everything is confirmed, customer’s local DHL/FEDEX/UPS will input such information in their global system to instruct pickup from the manufacturer. It will then generate a control number in the system.

After the manufacturer’s local DHL/FEDEX/UPS receive the instruction, they will contact the manufacturer to confirm all information and tell the manufacturer of the control number. The manufacturer can call any customer service of DHL/FEDEX/UPS to arrange the pickup by such control number.

The most important thing is the consistency of information from both sides. If customer’s local DHL/FEDEX/UPS input wrong information in their system, for example, the pickup address or payer is not correct, or the carton number or weight is wrong, any inconsistency will hold the shipment.The manufacturer’s local DHL/FEDEX/UPS will not pickup the packages until all information is consistent to their system. Therefore, to save time, manufacturers should ensure to offer correct information, customers should ensure that they forward the original information to their local DHL/FEDEX/UPS, the DHL/FEDEX/UPS staff should input the right information to their system.

If all information is consistent, the DHL/FEDEX/UPS will arrange the pickup ASAP, and the manufactures only need to follow their instructions.

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