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Goat hair in different season

Published Time:Wednesday on Mar 03 2021 09:11:45 Source:未知 Read:

Goat hair is the most popular natural hair used on powder brushes, eyeshadow brushes etc. Most users should know that goat hair has many grades, such as XGF goat hair, ZGF goat hair etc.

Generally speaking, XGF goat hair is the softest and best, so during customizing top grade makeup brushes, some customers will require XGF goat hair for their brushes. However, sometimes, they may find that the softness of two makeup brushes both with XGF goat hair may not be the same, or sometimes, not softer than ZGF goat hair. So they doubt that they are cheated by the makeup brush manufacturer.

In fact, as a kind of natural hair, goat hair is just like human hairs. In winter, the goat hair is thicker and rougher; in spring, after hair shedding, the new born hair will be much softer. So sometimes ZGF goat hair may be softer than XGF goat hair. We distinguish different goat hair grades not only by softness but also hair tips and powder pickup capacity.

Therefore, to customize makeup brushes with private label, it will be the best to send us physical brush samples to show us the exact hairs you want. Firstly, customers may not so familiar with the hairs, and may have some misjudgment on the hair types; Secondly, the previous makeup brush suppliers may not tell you actual hair material; thirdly even with the same hairs, the feeling will be different in different season.

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