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How to arrange payment via paypal

Published Time:Thursday on Feb 18 2021 08:15:31 Source:未知 Read:

At the very beginning of custom makeup brushes, customers may require samples first. Per our company policy, we need to charge sample fee which will be refunded to customers after mass order. Since sample fee is too low for bank transfer, to save time, many customers prefer online payment, Paypal is the best choice for international online payment.

We accept sample payment via Paypal, our Paypal account is For the payment with amount less than USD1000, we can also accept Paypal. But for the payment more than USD1000, we will not be able to accept Paypal payment. It is known that Paypal is not good to suppliers, buyers can require money back within 6 months, it has high risks for us.

Therefore, in case of any dispute, for amount over USD1000, we can not accept Paypal, customers can use bank transfer or western union, thanks for your all understanding.

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