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How to avoid ferrule corrosion on makeup brushes

Published Time:Saturday on Mar 06 2021 09:51:45 Source:未知 Read:

As an essential part of makeup brushes, ferrules take an important role in makeup brushes, it connects both hairs and handles. Even for some brushes that “without” ferrules, they are just invisible, ferrules are still included in the brushes.

However, as a metal material, the ferrules are easily to be oxidized/corrosion, especially in damp environment. Even human sweat may lead to oxidation. But during the makeup brush assembly and inspection, we must touch the ferrules. Then, how to avoid the oxidation during the assembly and inspection:

1. Assembly- during ferrule production, we firstly cover a protective film on the ferrule, and during assembly, workers will wear cotton gloves to avoid of sweat on ferrules.
2. Inspection- after the makeup brushes are finished, we must remove the film on the ferrule and do the inspection. All inspectors will wear cotton gloves during inspection in case of oxidation.

We can only avoid of corrosion from our side as the makeup brush manufacturer. After getting makeup brushes especially with copper ferrule, users should store the brushes in dry environment. And after each wash of brushes, users should not store them until completely air drying.

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