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How to test brush bristles fading?

Published Time:Friday on Sep 24 2021 09:37:36 Source:未知 Read:

When custom makeup brushes, most customers require color dyeing on brush hair, some may want only one hair color, some may request two or three hair colors. Whatever, since it is dyeing process, fading is an essential attention of makeup brush manufacturers during incoming inspection. At the same time, it is also necessary for customers and end users to understand how to test if the brush hair is fading.

The original hair color will not fade, for example, the pony hair is light brown, the goat hair is white, the synthetic original fiber is white. In case of fading, it will be the best to use the original color. However, to enhance brand features and attract users, customers usually request colorful brush hairs. The most common dyed animal hair is goat hair which can be dyed to various colors. Pony hair is too soft and fragile, so we usually suggest the original pony hair on the makeup brushes. But if customers insist on black pony hair, it is also ok. Synthetic hair, as the most popular brush hair, can be dyed to any color.

The following is the normal process of makeup brush manufacturers to test if the dyed hairs are fading:
1) Tie 3-5pcs brush heads with cotton thread and soak into a transparent cup with 70 ℃~ 80 ℃ warm water for 3-5 minutes to see if any fading.
2)Tie brush heads with cotton thread and rub back and forth 500 times on A4 white paper, if no residual color on A4 paper, OK; if not, NG.

If the bristles are tested to be fading, we will return the same batch to the dyeing factory to do rework till they can pass our incoming inspection. Bristle fading is quality problem, any professional makeup brush factory will deliver such brushes to customers.

Customers can also do the above test when receive the makeup brushes, if the bristles really fade, immediately contact the suppliers.