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The price to have customized makeup brushes

Published Time:Thursday on Feb 18 2021 08:23:17 Source:未知 Read:

We are direct Chinese makeup brush manufacturer, clients can wholesale makeup brushes and custom makeup brushes OEM from us at factory price.
Usually, the price we quote is EXW price, which does not include the shipping charge.
Although we quote customers the final unit price. It is better for customers to understand the cost details of the makeup brush. Usually the makeup brush price we quote includes the following cost:

Bristle cost: decided by bristle material and dosage
Ferrule cost: decided by material and size
Laser cost on ferrule if required
Handle cost:decided by material and size
 Printing cost on handle: decided by printing types and area
Assembly cost: the labor cost to assembly the head, ferrule and handle
Packing cost: the labor cost to pack the brushes
Packaging cost: the cost of OPP bag, PVC tube, mesh guard, PVC bag etc;
Carton cost
Pallet cost if required
QC cost: the labor cost to do the incoming inspection, production inspection and final brush quality inspection.
Other cost: including glue cost, cleaning cost etc
Spare parts: usually 1% spare parts in case of any scrap.
 If customers prefer FOB shenzhen ( the nearest port to us) price, it is also ok, we will add related cost in the quotation.
Please feel free to contact us for more details.  
We will always offer competitive price with high quality makeup brushes to support customers expand their brands.