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what is a good makeup brush

Published Time:Thursday on Feb 18 2021 08:29:17 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes from makeup brush manufacturers, customers must have their own requirements on brush material, size and color etc. Therefore, during production and inspection,makeup brush manufacturers should ensure the makeup brushes meet all these requirements.

However, besides customers’ specific requirements, there are normal quality standards which apply to all makeup brushes, no matter the hair is top grade or low grade, the ferrule is copper or aluminum, the handle is black or red, the logo is silk printing or hot stamping.

All kinds of makeup brushes should meet the basic quality requirements, including but not limited to the following:

1. No serious bristle falling;
2. No bristle color fading;
3. No glue hint on bristle, ferrule and handle;
4. No bristles clipped around ferrule;
5. No scratch on ferrule and handle;
6. Bristles,ferrules and handles connect well
7. Bristles,ferrules and handles no color difference to customer requirements;
8. Proper logo printing;
9. Proper package

In a word, all makeup brushes should have good appearance, and work properly during makeup application.

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