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The minimum order quantity of our makeup brushes

Published Time:Friday on Feb 19 2021 13:06:26 Source:未知 Read:

Many of our customers are new or just starter of makeup brush business, so the issue they most concerned during custom makeup brushes is the minimum order quantity. However, we always firstly require customers to send us their requirements on the brushes, so that we can check the MOQ accordingly. Customers may be puzzled, why we have no standard MOQ on our makeup brushes?

In fact, since the makeup brush production is manual, we actually have no MOQ requirements on the makeup brush production itself. The reason we have MOQ requirements to customers is our material suppliers have the MOQ requirements. Therefore, if we can find existing materials on the market and customers do not need logo on brushes, then there will be no MOQ requirements. The most common situation is that some customers just want the latest hot sales in the market, and do not need their logo on the brushes, then we can easily find material from the market, in this case, we will have no MOQ requirements.

For customized makeup brushes with private label, since customers have special requirements on brushes, we are not able to find existing material, and have to order from the suppliers, the MOQ will be high; if the material is easy to produce, the MOQ will be lower; if the material is difficult to produce or have strict requirements, the MOQ will be higher. So customers may find that for some brushes, the MOQ is 1000pcs, while for some is 3000pcs or more.

Finally, for makeup brushes with plastic handles which require molding, the MOQ will be at least 5000pcs, as the molding cost is high, if the order quantity is too small, the unit price will be too expensive to enter into market.

Welcome to custom makeup brush OEM with private label from us, we will offer high quality, professional service and affordable price to support your brand development.