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Tell target price while inquiry

Published Time:Sunday on Sep 19 2021 11:01:48 Source:未知 Read:

Not like standard parts which price can be got just by part numbers, makeup brush is a customized part, the price varies a lot depends on different material or size requirements.

We get many emails like this: we need some makeup brushes, please send me the price……. And we have to reply: please send us your detailed requirements on the makeup brushes. If fact, such emails offer no information to us, we have no background to offer quotation.

Some customers may send us the detailed dimension or pictures of the makeup brushes, while after getting our quotation, they feedback: your price is too high, you have no intention to cooperate with us. We are a makeup brush manufacturer, and want to cooperate with all potential customers, so we always try best to offer the best price, and for customer understanding, we always list the detailed material and size on the quotation sheet. As brush material and size mostly affect the makeup brush price.

Some customers pay more attention on material or quality, while some may pay attention only on price. Therefore, during custom makeup brushes from a makeup brush factory, it is better for customers to tell us your target price. After knowing your target price, we can review and evaluate if we can meet such price. If your target price is high, we can use good material, and if the target price is very low, we may suggest you use not so good material. As an experienced makeup brush manufacturer, we will give you our suggestions, and clarify all details including the material in our quotation sheet. Of course, it is customers who make the final decision.

In a word, while custom makeup brushes , it is better to tell the makeup brush manufacturers of your target price, so that we can work together to push the project move forward more quickly.