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Send makeup brush samples in different ways

Published Time:Saturday on Sep 18 2021 10:01:04 Source:未知 Read:

In makeup brush industry, customers often ask for samples from makeup brush manufacturers. But sometimes, neither the customers nor the makeup brush manufacturer wants to pay the freight charge. As if send via express like DHL/FEDEX/UPS, the freight charge may be around USD80 or more, which is too much at the initial communication; but if not check the brush samples, there is no reason for customers to finalize the project or order, and makeup brush manufacturers cannot prove their brush quality or company reliability either.

To establish cooperation, we have to find a way to break a deadlock. However, if send via not good express, due to the different situation in different country, we cannot ensure the sample can reach customers, the samples may be lost during transportation. No matter how cheap the shipping charge is, it is finally meaningless.
Upon this situation, suppliers/sellers in eBay find a good way to ship samples, that is HK post, which is quick, safe, and most important, much cheaper than the express. But the precondition is that the package weight should limit within 2KG, and for the consignors who are far away from HK, they have to send the packages to HK or Shenzhen, it is not so convenient.

Sometimes, our customer may ask us to try regular post to send samples, after checking with the post office, we get known that the fee is very low, just about RMB5.0 and usually can reach customers within two weeks. Therefore, if the samples are not urgent, it will be ok to try regular post or airmail. And it has low possibility to be lost, just may have some delay.

If customers need to send us samples for exact copy, the above choices are also applicable. Customers can choose express or regular post base on different demand and situation.