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Why synthetic hair for foundation brushes?

Published Time:Friday on Sep 17 2021 09:30:14 Source:未知 Read:

During custom makeup brushes, many customers have the misunderstanding that since it is custom makeup brush, they can choose whatever material they like, which is not always the truth.

For example, some customers want to have sable hair or other animal hair for their foundation brushes, but the makeup brush factory usually use synthetic hair for foundation brushes. Some may think synthetic hair brushes are not as good as natural hair brushes, it is also a misunderstanding, some synthetic hairs are even better and more expensive than animal hair. Most famous brands like MAC, BB or MAKE UP FOR EVER are using synthetic hairs for their foundation brushes. That is because the foundation is liquid and may cause corrosion to makeup brushes. Natural hairs are too tender to resist such corrosion, but synthetic hair has high ductility and corrosion resistance, and does not absorb water, so will not waste foundation. Natural hair is only appropriate for powder makeup, such as powder, blush, eyeshadow etc., due to its good powder pickup & absorb capacity. Please check here to see the general difference between different hair materials.

As a professional makeup brush manufacturer,we will give customers proper suggestions during custom makeup brushes and material selection. We will try our best to offer customers the most proper and cost-effective makeup brushes at the reasonable price.